Presentations from the 3-day Digital Transformation in Government (DTiG) conference (2021) are posted below, where available. The conference’s Youtube Channel includes presentation recordings (videos), which are also linked below, where available. Please visit the Speakers page for presentation abstracts and speaker biographies.

Day 1 – 15 June 2021

  1. Robert Weisman, PhD (DTiG) – Welcome MessageRecording (Youtube)
  2. Dr. Gregory Smolynec (OPC) – The Race to Innovate – Digitization and Privacy Rights in the Government of CanadaRecording (Youtube)
  3. Pierre-Dominique Cotte (EU-JHA) – Digital Transformation in the European UnionRecording (Youtube)
  4. Eric Sweden (NASCIO) – Digital Transformation in State Government – Perspectives from US States and TerritoriesRecording (Youtube)
  5. Julie Brousseau (SSC) – Creating Excellence – The Shared Services Canada Architecture JourneyRecording (Youtube)
  6. Vesna Petrovic (ESDC) – Benefits Delivery Modernization and the Role of Enterprise ArchitectureRecording (Youtube)
  7. Philippe Johnston (NRC) – CIOs Thriving in the Fourth Industrial RevolutionRecording (Youtube)
  8. Raj Thuppal (TC) – Taking the Next Step – Maturing Departmental TransformationRecording (Youtube)

Day 2 – 16 June 2021

  1. Dr. Raul M. Abril (EC) – EU eGovERA – Linking the Dots between EA, Portfolio Management and Digital Transformation RoadmappingRecording (Youtube)
  2. Stephen Burt (DND) – Creating a Strong Data Foundation for DefenceRecording (Youtube)
  3. Ima Okonny (ESDC) – Accelerating Digital Transformation Requires the Acceleration of Data TransformationRecording (Youtube)
  4. Timothy Lethbridge, PhD (UofO) – Perspectives from over 80 International EAs – Success factors, Principles, Agility and Tool ChoiceRecording (Youtube)
  5. Liam Peyton, PhD (UofO) – Digital Transformation and the Training of Highly Qualified ProfessionalsRecording (Youtube)
  6. Joanna Murphy (OAG) – Modernizing Procurement of Complex IT Solutions – Audit FindingsRecording (Youtube)
  7. Robert Fox, Heather Belanger, Larry Stoddard, & Brian Thompson (CSE) – Canadian Cyber-Audit Framework, CSE ASTRA Software Demonstration and CSE Cyber Security Audit ToolsRecording (Youtube)

Day 3 – 17 June 2021

  1. Satyajit Rao Vagvala & Vikash Madduri (NISG-India) – India’s Digital Transformation – Strategic Alternatives and New DirectionsRecording (Youtube)
  2. Rachel Porteous (FINTRAC) – Digital Transformation of a High Security Organization in the Era of COVIDRecording (Youtube)
  3. Robert Gordon (CCTX) – Having A Successful Digital Transformation Journey by Thwarting the Cyber AttackersRecording (Youtube)
  4. Dr. Raul M. Abril (EC) – How To Select A Digital Public Service Implementation OrientationRecording (Youtube)
  5. Gregory Richards, PhD (UofO) – Analytics-Based Results ManagementRecording (Youtube)
  6. Amarjeet Kaur (DND) – How to Apply Human-Centric Approach in a Complex and Emotionally Charged EnvironmentRecording (Youtube)
  7. Christian Sauvé (PSC) – Establishing a Business-Driven Enterprise Architecture Practice in a Smaller Government AgencyRecording (Youtube)
  8. Vik Pant, PhD (NRCan) – Science and Policy Integration – The NRCan Digital Accelerator and Technology Readiness AssessmentRecording (Youtube)
  9. Robert Weisman, PhD (DTiG) – End of Conference Message