Presentations from the 3-day Digital Transformation in Government (DTiG) conference (2021) are posted below, where available. Please visit the Speakers page for presentation abstracts and speaker biographies.

Day 1 – 15 June 2021

  1. Robert Weisman, PhD (DTiG) – Welcome Message
  2. Dr. Gregory Smolynec (OPC) – The Race to Innovate – Digitization and Privacy Rights in the Government of Canada
  3. Pierre-Dominique Cotte (EU-JHA) – Digital Transformation in the European Union
  4. Eric Sweden (NASCIO) – Digital Transformation in State Government – Perspectives from US States and Territories
  5. Julie Brousseau (SSC) – Creating Excellence – The Shared Services Canada Architecture Journey
  6. Vesna Petrovic (ESDC) – Benefits Delivery Modernization and the Role of Enterprise Architecture
  7. Philippe Johnston (NRC) – CIOs Thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  8. Raj Thuppal (TC) – Taking the Next Step – Maturing Departmental Transformation

Day 2 – 16 June 2021

  1. Dr. Raul M. Abril (EC) – EU eGovERA – Linking the Dots between EA, Portfolio Management and Digital Transformation Roadmapping
  2. Stephen Burt (DND) – Creating a Strong Data Foundation for Defence
  3. Ima Okonny (ESDC) – Accelerating Digital Transformation Requires the Acceleration of Data Transformation
  4. Timothy Lethbridge, PhD (UofO) – Perspectives from over 80 International EAs – Success factors, Principles, Agility and Tool Choice
  5. Liam Peyton, PhD (UofO) – Digital Transformation and the Training of Highly Qualified Professionals
  6. Joanna Murphy (OAG) – Modernizing Procurement of Complex IT Solutions – Audit Findings
  7. Robert Fox, Heather Belanger, Larry Stoddard, & Brian Thompson (CSE) – Canadian Cyber-Audit Framework, CSE ASTRA Software Demonstration and CSE Cyber Security Audit Tools

Day 3 – 17 June 2021

  1. Satyajit Rao Vagvala & Vikash Madduri (NISG-India) – India’s Digital Transformation – Strategic Alternatives and New Directions
  2. Rachel Porteous (FINTRAC) – Digital Transformation of a High Security Organization in the Era of COVID
  3. Robert Gordon (CCTX) – Having A Successful Digital Transformation Journey by Thwarting the Cyber Attackers
  4. Dr. Raul M. Abril (EC) – How To Select A Digital Public Service Implementation Orientation
  5. Gregory Richards, PhD (UofO) – Analytics-Based Results Management
  6. Amarjeet Kaur (DND) – How to Apply Human-Centric Approach in a Complex and Emotionally Charged Environment
  7. Christian Sauvé (PSC) – Establishing a Business-Driven Enterprise Architecture Practice in a Smaller Government Agency
  8. Vik Pant, PhD (NRCan) – Science and Policy Integration – The NRCan Digital Accelerator and Technology Readiness Assessment
  9. Robert Weisman, PhD (DTiG) – End of Conference Message