Presentations from the 3-day Digital Transformation in Government (DTiG) conference (2022) are posted below, where available. The conference’s Youtube Channel includes presentation recordings (videos), which are also linked below, where available. Please visit the Speakers page for presentation abstracts and speaker biographies.

Day 1 – 14 June 2022

  1. Dr. Robert Weisman (DTiG) – Welcome MessageRecording (Youtube)
  2. Dr. Gregory Smolynec (OPC) – The Race to Innovate: Digitization and Privacy Rights in the Government of CanadaRecording (Youtube)
  3. Dr. Raul M. Abril (EC) – Digital Transformation initiatives of The European CommissionRecording (Youtube)
  4. Pierre-Dominique Cotte (EU) – Digital Transformation in the EU Justice ClusterRecording (Youtube)
  5. Dr. Sandra Toze (Dalhousie) – The New Digital Skills FrameworkRecording (Youtube)
  6. Dr. Guy-Vincent Jourdan, & Vosif-Viorel (Vio) Onut (uOttawa) – Effective Academic & Industry RelationshipsRecording (Youtube)
  7. Juan Pablo Revello (AGESIC) Enterprise Architecture in the Digital Transformation of the Uruguayan GovernmentRecording (Youtube)
  8. Greg Lane (CIPS) – Skills for The Information Age (SFIA): A Blueprint for Tomorrow’s WorkforceRecording (Youtube)
  9. Lluis Alfons Arino Martin (URV) – Using the Capability Map to Transform the UniversityRecording (Youtube)
  10. Dr. Pavel Hrabe – Digital Transformation in the Czech Central GovernmentRecording (Youtube)
  11. Dr. Louise Spiteri (Dalhousie) – Transforming Information SciencesRecording (Youtube)
  12. Dr. Robert Weisman (uOttawa) – Structured Planning Leading to Digital Transformation SuccessRecording (N/A)
  13. Yvan Gauthier (NRC) – Accelerating the Adoption of AI in the Government of Canada: Challenges and OpportunitiesRecording (Youtube)
  14. Jac van Beek (uOttawa) – Preparing the Workforce of the FutureRecording (Youtube)
  15. Martin Bernier, Ilva Peci, & Stephanie Pereira (uOttawa) – Using EA to Support Digital Transformation at uOttawaRecording (Youtube)
  16. Matthew Whelen (TC) – Fostering Digital Tools at Transport Canada to Support Supply Chain Planning and GrowthRecording (Youtube)
  17. Kevin Herman (ESDC) – Linking Business Strategy with Digital Transformation through CapabilitiesRecording (Youtube)
  18. Dr. Asif Gill (UTS) – Architecting Intelligent Enterprises: Digital Strategy, Architecture & InnovationRecording (Youtube)

Day 2 – 15 June 2022

  1. Dr. Alvin Marcelo, MD (AeHIN) – Building Digital Health Infrastructure in Support of Universal Health Care in ASEANRecording (Youtube)
  2. Dr. Pallab Saha Digital Government Transformation in India: Emergency, Convergence and CoherenceRecording (Youtube)
  3. Scott Taylor (SSC) Shared Services Canada’s Digital Transformation Role within the Government of CanadaRecording (Youtube)
  4. Dr. Yolanda Martinez (ITU) GovStack – Empowering Societies to Chart their Digital FutureRecording (Youtube)
  5. Deniz Susar (UN) – United Nations E-Government Survey Methodology and Global TrendsRecording (Youtube)
  6. Gita Nurlaila (TBS) GC Enterprise Architecture – Overview, Policy Requirements and its Role in Shaping the Digital Transformation of the GCRecording (Youtube)
  7. Pascale Elvas (TBS) – Digital Transformation in the Government of Canada: Enabling Government in the Digital AgeRecording (Youtube)
  8. Dr. Ransford Mensah (DIAL) – Sierra Leone eGov Case Study: The Experiences and PerspectivesRecording (Youtube)
  9. Bruno Ouellet (CBSA) – CBSA Architecture Program: a Digitalization EnablerRecording (N/A)
  10. Stephen Burt, Robert Trottier, Jennifer Schofield, & Benoit Deshaies (TBS) – Panel Discussion – Creating a Strong Chief Data Officer (CDO) OrganizationRecording (Youtube)
  11. Dr. Robert Weisman (uOttawa) – Embedding Innovation into Government Digital TransformationRecording (Youtube)
  12. Christian Sauve (PSC) Evolving Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation in a Small AgencyRecording (Youtube)
  13. Dr. Eric Champagne, & Silvana Gomes (uOttawa) – Intergovernmental Relations in the Context of Governmental Digitalization InitiativesRecording (Youtube)
  14. Rachel Porteous (FINTRAC) – Automating Core FIU Business Through Digital TransformationRecording (Youtube)

Day 3 – 16 June 2022

  1. Dr. Gry Hasselbalch (EU) – Data Ethics of Power – A Global Human Approach in the Big Data and AI EraRecording (Youtube)
  2. Robert Gordon (CCTX) – The Cyber Landscape in the New Cold WarRecording (Youtube)
  3. Ima Okonny (ESDC) – Data strategy implementation in a Major Government Department in the era of digital transformationRecording (Youtube)
  4. Eric Sweden (NASCIO) – Driving Digital Acceleration – Perspectives from US States and TerritoriesRecording (Youtube)
  5. Po Tea-Duncan (TBS) – Make Security Boring Again! Evolving Cyber Security in the Government of CanadaRecording (Youtube)
  6. Dr. Luciana Duranti (UBC) – Trusting Digital RecordsRecording (Youtube)
  7. Dr. Raul M. Abril (EC) – Workshop – European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA)Recording (Youtube)
  8. John Linford, & Altaz Valani An Open Standard for Zero Trust ArchitectureRecording (Youtube)
  9. Martin St-Yves (STC) – Enabling a data driven organization through digital transformation: A Statistics Canada perspectiveRecording (Youtube)
  10. Karen A Wetzel (US-NIST) – The US National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)Recording (Youtube)
  11. Dr. Daniel Amyot (uOttawa) – A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Digital Transformation and Innovation (DTI)Recording (Youtube)
  12. Joni Brennan, & Francois Bedard (DIACC) – Workshop – Perspectives and Progress on Digital IdentityRecording (Youtube)
  13. Angela McAllister (CCCS) – The Canadian Cyber Security Skills FrameworkRecording (Youtube)
  14. Dr. Jeffrey Roy (Dalhousie) – Covid-19, Digitization & Hybrid Workspaces: Implications and Opportunities for Public Sector OrganizationsRecording (Youtube)